Impregnating Primer HU 109
COMPLEX - Impregnating Primer HU 109

COMPLEX - Impregnating Primer HU 109

A wood protection primer based on modified alkyd resins offering extreme depth of penetration, quick drying time, low surface tension, excellent flow characteristics (dip primer) and a pleasant odour thanks to the use of alternative solvents (ISOPAR FLUIDS, breathable ? porous, resistant to weathering and moisture).

COMPLEX IMPREGNATING PRIMER HU 109 is suitable for all hard and soft woods

including tropical woods, fibreboards and plywood.

  • NEW: Alternative solvents (ISOPAR FLUIDS and natural terpenes) eliminate unpleasant odours!
  • Blue-stain inhibiting primer
  • Protects against blue stain
  • Protects against insects
  • Resistant to weathering and moisture
  • Simple to apply
  • Extremely high penetration depth
  • Very quick-drying
  • Outstanding
  • adhesion to the wood
  • Breathable ? porous Odourless once dry
  • Low surface tension
  • Excellent flow characteristics (dip primer)
  • No spontaneous combustion

NEW! Alternative solvents (ISOPAR FLUIDS and natural terpenes) eliminate unpleasant odours!


Hazard class: 1 2 3

For impregnating and priming timber, roof beams, wooden houses, sub-constructions for wet rooms, fences, pergolas, facade panelling, windows and exterior doors, load-bearing or reinforcing wood in dry living areas and exterior wood without permanent contact with the earth or water.

Once impregnated, the wood may be varnished, painted etc. as required.


Shelves, boxes etc. for storing foodstuffs or animal feed.

Wood used in beehives, saunas and greenhouses.


The wood should be dry (maximum moisture content 28%), clean and free from grease. The product may be applied by painting, rolling, dipping, flow coating (no run-off marks) or industrial methods. It should not be sprayed by hand or applied outdoors in unprotected areas.


Wood preservatives contain biocidal active substances to protect against attack by fungi or insects. They should therefore be used only if such protection is stipulated or required in individual cases. Wood preservatives should be kept out of the reach of children and kept away from foodstuffs, drinks and animal feed; no eating, drinking or smoking while working; do not breathe in aerosol spray; use only in well-ventilated areas; not suitable for large-scale use in living areas (use non-biocidal products); do not allow products to enter sewerage or waterways; unused wood preservatives should be disposed of as special waste (code No. 55502)


Protective Effect:

B = Protects against blue stain
Iv = Protects against insects
W = Weather-resistant

Active ingredients: Dichlofluanide 0.50%, permethrin 0.05%

Colour Shades:Colourless, natural, light brown, dark brown;
Spec. weight:
Approx. 0.80 g/cm³;
Pleasantly mild;
Active ingredients:Dichlofluanide, permethrin;
Minimum amount required:Undiluted 100 g/m², 1 l is enough for approx. 8 ? 12 m² depending on the absorbency of the wood;
Dilution:Use undiluted ? Clean tools using Complex KHV/ISO;
Container sizes:
1 l; 2.5 l; 5 l; 25 l; 30 l; metal tin; 200 l drum; 1000 l container;
Dust-dry: Approx. 20 min.
Touch-dry: Approx. 40 min.
Stackable: Approx. 1 hr.
Paintable: Approx. 4 hrs.
Shelf life: At least 2 years at normal temperatures in an unopened original container;
Storage class:VBF ? AIII
Quality Monitoring:

The quality of our wood preservatives is monitored by the ÖHFI Wood Preservatives Working Group and we are entitled to use their seal of quality.

The information provided above has been carefully compiled in line with the latest testing technology and is intended to serve as a guideline. Given that products can be used and applied in a variety of ways, the information is non-binding, does not give rise to any contractual legal relationship and does not release the user from their obligation to check the suitability of our products themselves. Our Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment also apply.

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