Care and Cleaning

Our cleaning and care products are designed in a very special way!

Ingredients such as natural orange oil give off a pleasant aroma to the surrounding environment. Our care and cleaning products are outstandingly well suited to use on veneered, treated or plastic-coated surfaces and they will make any scratches and grazes invisible. All treated surfaces remain elastic.

COMPLEX - Wipe on Care Oil

Routine maintenance care for oiled parquet floors and staircases. Oil emulsion based on natural resources which protects the oiled surfaces.

Ideal routine maintenance care for cork!

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COMPLEX - LCA Universal Cleaner

LCA Universal Cleaner is a liquid neutral cleaner which is gentle on the skin. A balanced, tried-and-tested combination of readily biodegradable surfactants gives this all-round product excellent cleaning power. Use of this Universal Cleaner is particularly advisable if... Product information »

COMPLEX - NAPOL Intensiv cleaner

Napol concentrate is a universal floor cleaning and care agent in one product. Napol concentrate cleans and cares for all waterproof floor coverings in just one operation. Napol concentrate is highly concentrated and thus economical to consume. Napol concentrate... Product information »

COMPLEX - ORA Wood care Oil

Complex Ora is a composition of special cleaning and care components containing natural orange oil and it is ideally suited to all surfaces which have been treated with Complex products.

These substances deliver optimum surface... Product information »

COMPLEX - Intensive Cleaner

Complex Intensive Cleaner is an environmentally-friendly, concentrated cleaning agent, specially developed to remove heavy soiling. It can also be used to remove atmospheric dirt, algae, grey marks, fat, oil and other contaminants from teak / bangkirai wood etc.

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COMPLEX - Care Wax

COMPLEX care wax is a composition of special cleaning components, care components and hard wax containing natural orange oil. These substances deliver optimum surface care and give off the natural aroma of oranges in the surrounding air. COMPLEX care wax is outstandingly... Product information »

COMPLEX - Care Sets

With our care sets you are perfectly equipped at all times. In all sets you will find corresponding cleaners, waxes and oils for professional treatment of your surfaces. Whether you need to treat floors, furniture or stone, we have the right set in our range for any area of... Product information »


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