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In 1969, the Huberproducts factory was built in Schwoich near Kufstein. For many years, the factory produced a number of key products, namely rustproofing paints, concrete sealants, polyester putties and wood preservatives.

In 1985, the wood preservatives and wood finishing range was expanded. The development of a special single-component positive stain represented a significant step forward for those working with wood (joiners, carpenters etc.).

In 1989, Huberproducts Complex was taken over again - this time by Josef Schellhorn, who had already spent over ten years working as plant manager for the company founder. The wood preservatives and wood finishing product range was then expanded further. The company also took steps to ensure that only natural raw materials which have less of an impact on the environment are used during production.

Since 1992, the only solvents to be used are aromatic-free and odourless special petroleum ethers (free from chlorinated hydrocarbons), natural terpenes and water. As a result, Huberproducts Complex became one of the first companies in Europe to begin manufacturing aromatic-free wood preservatives without sacrificing product quality. The company's great flexibility allowed it to deal quickly with special requests (special shades, patinating processes etc.) from customers in Austria and abroad, whilst offering practical advice at all times.

In 2000, the company Josef Schellhorn GmbH Complex-Farben was established. The company's range of floor oils and waxes was expanded.

In 2002, the company's new premises were built on the Egerbach Schwoich industrial park. The new building was needed in order to cope with growing logistical and production-related demands. A training room for customers (specialist retailers, sales representatives etc.) was integrated into the newly-built plant. Thanks to its increased capacity, the new production facility made it much easier to deal with significantly larger orders (contract production).

Close working relationships with the development laboratories of raw material suppliers and authorised testing institutions guarantee top-quality, state-of-the-art products. Exports to EU countries (Germany, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia) and Switzerland are further proof of the high quality of Complex products.

Since 1993, Josef Schellhorn/Complex-Farben has received the International Prize for Business Prestige on a number of occasions. This important prize which is awarded by Editorial Office Madrid reflects not only Josef Schellhorn's expertise when it comes to lacquers and paints but also the company's top quality and excellent service.

Complex produces top-quality products from natural, environmentally-friendly materials!

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